Spring Cleaning @ Fireweed

Well, it’s that time of year where the snow is staying at the peak of the mountains, mornings are crisp but bearable and birds can be heard singing from the treetops. Here at Fireweed Glass Studio our minds are starting to turn towards spring cleaning.


Come and join us on Saturday, April 8th from 10am to 3pm for our annual Seconds sale!


Now, what is a “Seconds sale” you ask? The same as most artists, we too have to practice. However instead of using a pencil and paper, paint and a canvas or perhaps a ball of clay we use glass.


A “second” is exactly that, practice pieces and prototypes. Often we will do colour tests, work on a particular shape or simply take the opportunity to try something new. The work that we do make that is good but maybe not quite what we had in mind will become a second.


Potters can reuse clay, painters can repaint their canvas and you can always erase a bad drawing. Glass is a little bit different. Clear glass, as long as it is clean, can be tossed back into the furnace to be re-melted. Coloured glass unfortunately does not always melt back into something beautiful, so we will recycle what we can. 


Fireweed Glass Studio puts on a seconds sale once a year and the work we have for sale is VERY discounted. This is a great time to stock up on one of a kind gifts for either yourself or for friends and family.

So come, grab a coffee and enjoy the beginning of spring in the mountains. Take a stroll up Cougar Creek, perhaps have lunch at the Iron Goat and then come visit us at the glass studio for some shopping.


Cheers and happy spring!

Deanna McGillivray



Ashes to Art, Glass Memorial Work By Deanna McGillivray

It was just about one year ago that I had to say goodbye to one of my most valued family members. Maui, my 19 year-old Ragdoll cat had been with me through all of my years of learning, growing and becoming the person who I am today. He was my grade 9 graduation present from my parents. I had no idea then that he would be with my by my side through junior high, high school, college and post college. 

The attachment we have to our pets is truly a unique human quality. We accept these animals into our home. We give them food, shelter and unconditional love. They give us unconditional love in return, whether it’s an excited greeting at the front door when we come home from work, a warm cuddle while we sit and read a book, or when they lean into us knowing we are upset.

They become our companion.

It has taken me almost 1 full year to be able to create this Ashes to Art memorial. Maui has traveled to Canmore with me more than a few times with the intention of making him into a glass kitty.  I thought this would be an easier thing to do than what it ended up being.

I finally managed to make him into the beautiful cat he deserves to be. He is just as stunning in glass as he was in real life. I am so lucky to be able to make this type of work.


Deanna McGillivray

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