Fireweed Glass Studio

Ashes To Art FAQ

How do I send you my ashes?

Please place the ashes in a ziplock bag, sealed and labelled, and place this in a tear-resistant envelope.  Basically, you want to take reasonable measures to make sure the envelope will not come open or spill en route. We advise using a service like ExpessPost that includes a tracking number and guarantees delivery within a week.  If you do use Snail Mail, please be aware that it cannot be tracked if it goes missing and that it can take up to a month to arrive.

Are there any regulations sending this across the border?

There are no restrictions sending cremated ashes across the Canada/US border.  You do have to declare cremated ashes on the customs form, include clear labeling inside the parcel or envelope, and ensure it can be seen in x-ray.  "Importation of Cremated Human Remains Into Canada 9. Cremated human remains, because they do not pose a quarantine risk, do not require a death certificate. However, it is recommended that when transporting the cremated remains that the importer should carry a copy of the death and cremation certificate and ensure that the remains are in a container that can easily be scanned (e.g., cardboard, wood or plastic)." If you are sending ashes to other countries we advise that you contact that country's consulate to find out what their policies and regulations are.

How much ash do I send?  What happens if you don't use it all?

Can you put the ashes of more than one person or pet into the same piece?

How do I know it's my ashes?

If I drop my ashes off to you  while I am in Canmore on vacation, can I pick up my completed order before I leave?


Do you offer a quantity discount if I order more than one piece?

If I send you ashes, can my family members place and pay for their own orders with you?

Can you make me a custom design?


Can you make this design by this other artist?



What colours are avialable?



The website isn’t accepting my credit card

Please send us about one teaspoon per piece ordered.  This can be placed all in one bag.  Please make sure it is well labeled.  All unused ash will be returned to you with your completed order.

Yes.  We sift the ashes together and they are picked up to make one swirl in the glass; we are not logistically able to create two separate swirls within one piece.

We understand the responsibility we have to handle your loved one's ashes with care.  We follow a strict protocol for labeling, filing and handling the ashes in order to ensure there are no mix-ups.

Many factors determine the completion time of your order.  These include the quantity and sizes of pieces ordered, how many orders are ahead of yours in the production queue, the artist's schedule, the equipment maintenance schedule, and acts of god.  If you are planning a trip to Canmore and you know what you want to order, we suggest you mail us your ashes 6-8 weeks prior and we will do our best to have your order ready for you to pick up during your visit.  Alternately if you want to take advantage of your visit to come in and look at our samples in person, we will mail your order to you when it is completed.

We do our best to keep our prices reasonable and fair.  As each piece is made one at a time by hand to order we are not able to offer quantity discounts.

Yes.  Please send us a quick note to let us know to expect additional orders to go along with ashes you are sending us.  Note that it is our policy to return the unused ashes to the individual who provided them once all the orders are complete, unless we have received instructions otherwise from that person.

The designs we present here have taken years to perfect.  The artist gets an idea, then spends many hours in the glassblowing studio working out all the details and solving the problems and in some cases learning new skills, then practices making the design until it can be made well and consistently.  It is unlikely that we would be able to make you a design that is very different from what we have developed.  That said, it is always worth asking; we might be working on something you might be interested in.

As noted above, there is a lot of work and cost in developing a design.  We respect and appreciate that this is the case for our colleagues as well.  Also, an artist's design is their own intellectual property and cannot legally or ethically be reproduced without that artist's permission.  For these reasons, we ask that if you like another artist's work, please order from that artist.  And you like our designs best, please order from us!

The whole rainbow is available.  If you see a colour on the website, you can probably get it in the piece you are ordering.  If you don't know what colour you want, we might suggest your loved one's favourite colour, or birthstone, or the jersey colours of their favourite sports team, or your favourite colour or a colour you associate with them.  If you really can't decide, RAINBOW is a perfectly valid colour scheme.  We can approximate many colour requests; birthstones, jersey colours, tartan colours, a pet's coat or eye colours.  Click here to view some colour samples.


If you are shipping to an address that is different than your billing address, at the checkout once you have entered your shipping address and selected your shipping option, in ‘Section 3: Payment’ you need to deselect the “Use shipping address” button in order to be able to enter a different billing address. Make sure your billing address is entered correctly and matches the address and postal or zip code that your bank has on file for this credit card. If you continue to have problems please let us know and we will process your order a different way.